Getting Started with Virtual Classroom

Salam Alaykum, 

The Kwara State Government has directed all schools to close for 30 days as part of measures to 

curtail the spread of the deadly Corona Virus and IQRA College, Ilorin is in full compliance. We 

encourage our students, parents and teachers to dutifully observe the social distancing 

recommendation and maintain a high level of personal hygiene. Our prayer is that the world will 

recover fully from this pandemic. 



IQRA College, Ilorin Virtual Classrooms are a great opportunity for teaching and learning 

activities to continue even when our teachers and students are unable to have physical contact. Its 

beauty lies in the fact that all classroom activities such as imparting knowledge by teachers, 

students, making observations and asking questions, administering quizzes and grading them with 

teachers and students doing all of these from wherever is comfortable for them. Here are tips on 

how to join your individual virtual subject classes. Call 09029209621, 08034209789 or 

08056646541, or email for clarifications. Enjoy your lessons. 

Steps to use Google Classroom 

A. If you do not have a gmail account, you must follow nos 1 - 11 

1. Click on a web browser from your device 

2. Type 

3. Click on create account or sign up. 

4. Choose “for myself” 

5. Enter the necessary details in few minutes and click next 

6. Enter an active phone number 

7. Insert the verification code sent to the phone number and click next 

8. Enter a recovery mail or any other email address used by your parents 


Near Pilgrims Camp. Transit Camp Layout, P.O. Box 5082, Ilorin, Kwara State. 08039447200, 08056646541. 

E-mail: Website: www 

9. Insert your birthday and choose your gender then click next 

10. Click, “Yes, I am in” 

11. Click I agree 

B. Now that you have a gmail account, you have just completed a phase in joining the 

google classroom. Next, from the opened gmail account: 

1. Go back to web browser, and type or download google 

classroom via Play Store/Apple Store. 

2. Sign in with your gmail account 

3. Click continue 

4. Check for a plus + symbol on the screen, click on it and select join. 

5. The dialog box will require a code, pause at this stage to get your class code from 

your subject teachers 

6. Go to the school website from your web browser. 

7. Click on portal and choose your category (JSS and SSS) 

8. Insert your admission no as User ID and the password sent to you via sms or call the 

school for the password. 

9. After inserting the password, click next and continue to enter your portal 

10. Click on classroom and lesson to display all the subjects you are offering. 

11. Click on each subject to display a table. 

12. Click on the green icon shown in the table under the column “read” 

13. Copy the class code from the message posted and go back to no 5: paste the code in 

the dialog box opened in the google classroom platform and click on join. 

14. To join another subject class, repeat the process from No.4. 

Note: students are required to have joined their individual virtual subject classes before 10am on 

Thursday, 26th March 2020 as virtual classes are expected to commence by 10am same day. 



GARBA, L. O. Ag. Principal



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